GapiDraw is the graphics platform to use when creating applications with high demands for fast graphics on Windows Mobile devices!

GapiDraw comprises a framework and a set of C++ classes that together provide everything you need to create state-of-the-art applications such as games, navigational tools and advanced user interfaces for Windows Mobile devices.

By using GapiDraw we can help your application achieve:

    EverQuest for the Pocket PC
    by Sony Online Entertainment.
    Click for larger version.
    Made with GapiDraw.
    Robustness. The GapiDraw platform has since its introduction in March 2002 been used in hundreds of commercial mobile applications, which have been tested on tens of thousands of mobile devices. Using the GapiDraw framework, your application too will work on these devices.

  2. Advanced Features. GapiDraw comprises most features you will ever need to create state-of-the art graphical mobile applications such as games. For detailed information of GapiDraw's features, please head over to the feature list. Should you need more features you can easily expand GapiDraw using the included GapiDraw Extension library, or you can even purchase the full source code to add features with zero performance overhead to your applications!

  3. High Performance. GapiDraw is meticulously crafted to perform at highest possible speed thanks to a technique called Template Meta Programming in C++. GapiDraw's blitter implementation is so advanced that it even formed the basis for a PhD thesis for one of our software designers! If hardware acceleration is available, GapiDraw will use DirectDraw to provide hardware-accelerated graphics at very high speed. If you need extreme graphics performance on mobile devices, you cannot go wrong with GapiDraw! 


GapiDraw : More Than Just a Game Tool

Storm Hawk
by Weather Data.
Click for larger version.
Made with GapiDraw.

Thanks to it's proven name with mobile game developers, GapiDraw has also become popular among developers of mobile business applications. Some applications released using GapiDraw include the weather watching application Storm Hawk (as seen in the figure on the right) and the mobile cad system Pocket CAD.

Recently we have also sold source code licenses to some of the major brands in the mobile media industry. Due to non-disclosure agreements we unfortunately cannot list the names of these companies on our web site, but trust us - if you see an advanced mobile media application running on the Windows Mobile platform, chances are high that it is based on the robust and high performing GapiDraw platform.


Latest News

July 8 Minor price increase of GapiDraw
March 22 GapiDraw 4.2 GDI Edition Now Available!
July 14 GapiDraw 4.2 Released - Windows Marketplace!
April 8 GapiDraw 4.1 Released - Xperia panels!


What you can do with GapiDraw

Resco Guardians
by Resco Interactive.
Click for larger version.
Made with GapiDraw.

Using GapiDraw you can create world-class games and high performance interactive applications that will run on all Windows Mobile devices, ranging from Pocket PC 2003 and Smartphone devices to the latest Windows Mobile 6.1 units!


.NET Development

Using the free and open source C# wrapper available at Google Code you can easily use GapiDraw in your C# projects for Windows Mobile!

You can download the .NET wrapper at:


Xperia Panel Development!

Skype Panel
for Sony Ericsson Xperia.
Click for download link.
Made with GapiDraw.

The Sony Ericsson Xperia mobile phone introduced an API for creating panels for the device.  A panel is a window that the user can use as a start screen on the device, and the user can switch seamlessly between nine different panels.

GapiDraw 4.1 introduces full support for the Sony Ericsson Xperia panel SDK, including the custom application class CGapiPanelApplication. Included with GapiDraw 4.1 is a new sample application showing how you can do set up your Xperia panel projects for both a separate EXE file project as well as an Xperia panel DLL, using the same shared source code.


What's included in the package?

GapiDraw is delivered as a Software Development Kit (SDK) that is accessible from C++ using a class library or from the .NET environment using an open source C# wrapper.

GapiDraw ships both as DLL files (typically used in C# projects) or as statically linked libraries (typically used in C++ projects), and you can choose what fits your needs the best.


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