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GapiDraw 4.2 Documentation

Welcome to the world of mobile development with GapiDraw!

This web-based documentation includes everything you need to quickly get started with GapiDraw: Introduction, tutorials and a complete reference guide to all classes and methods. We hope you will find using GapiDraw as much fun as we had developing it!


Before You Start

GapiDraw 4.2 Readme
Please read through this document before you begin to use GapiDraw 4.2. The GapiDraw 4.2 Readme includes important information on Windows Marketplace approval, Xperia panel development and how to modify your current GapiDraw 3.8 application to compile with GapiDraw 4.2.

Release History
The GapiDraw release history - what's new and what's changed.


Getting Started

Installation instructions
Details on how to download and install GapiDraw

Getting started with GapiDraw
Get started quickly with GapiDraw! This tutorial shows you how to load images and draw them to the display!

Creating a complete game: Breakout
This step-by-step tutorial shows you how to create a complete game from scratch using GapiDraw!

Using video hardware
Introduces the hardware-accelerated video features of GapiDraw.


GapiDraw Class Reference

GapiDraw Classes CGapiSurface CGapiRGBASurface CGapiDraw CGapiDisplay CGapiMaskSurface CGapiBitmapFont CGapiCursor CGapiApplication CGapiInput CGapiVFS CGapiTimer CGapiGradient




CGapiSurface is a memory area to which you can draw images and graphics primitives.

-> CGapiDisplay

CGapiDisplay is a surface you can use to draw directly to the display area (a "primary" surface).

-> CGapiMaskSurface

CGapiMaskSurface is a surface specifically suited for collision detection masks.

-> CGapiBitmapFont

CGapiBitmapFont is a bitmapped font class for drawing text to surfaces.


CGapiRGBASurface is a memory area with integrated alpha key information.

-> CGapiCursor

CGapiCursor is used to draw animated and alpha blended cursors when an application is run in full screen mode.


The "glue" that connects all GapiDraw objects. Must be the first GapiDraw object that is created, and is used in all GapiDraw class constructors.


CGapiApplication is a base class you can use to quickly create new games and applications.


CGapiGradient is used to precalculate gradients used with CGapiSurface::GradientRect.


CGapiInput locks all hardware keys on Windows CE and maps up/down/left/right to the correct display orientation.


CGapiTimer contains functions to limit the maximum number of frame updates each second for better battery usage.


GapiVFS is a virtual file system that can be used to store images, sound files and other data files needed by the application.

GapiDraw Structs

A complete list and description of all structures used in all GapiDraw operations.