Did you know by the way that you can use GapiDraw for free, as long as you release your application without charging money for it? This is what Luis Espinosa did with his game Distant Galaxies - a classic space shooter available for free download, created with GapiDraw.

We meet up with game developer Luis Espinosa to hear where he got his inspiration from, and how he learned about GapiDraw.

Download Distant Galaxies from here



Distant Galaxies running on the HTC Kaiser.


Q: How long have you been developing applications for Windows Mobile devices?

A: One year.

Q: What do you do in life when you're not developing software for Windows Mobile devices?

A: I like sports very much and travel when I have a chance.

Q: Tell me a bit about the game Distant Galaxies. Where did you get the inspiration from?

A: I love old classics. I even have an arcade machine at home to play classic games!

Q: The game has already received some positive feedback, how did you approach your work to make the game "fun"?

A: I tried to make it simple to use and easy to play by increasing the difficulty little by little in each level.

Q: How did you find GapiDraw?

A: I was looking for an SDK to write Pocket PC games. I found some references in

Q: Have you worked with any other toolkits than GapiDraw earlier?

A: Yes, several times. SDL and DirectX are the most recent.

Q: Is there any specific feature you like extra much with GapiDraw?

A: Simplicity to do graphic manipulations such as rotation, scaling... and of course the ability to be multi-platform.

Q: If you would like to change something with GapiDraw, what would that be?

A: The price. I find it expensive for people like me who don't own a company and just want to get a few extra bucks selling my own games.

Q: What feature would you like to see added to GapiDraw in the next release?

A: Make it compatible with more platforms.... make it work with IPhones for example. Also it would be nice to have 3D support for PC so we can write 3D games.

Thank you for your time! And thanks for publishing this great game!


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